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Complete solutions for substations

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Complete solutions for substations

Whether it is to ensure the safety of installations, to efficiently carry out interventions in the field, to improve environmental performance, or to ensure the continuity of the supply of electricity from your substation, we have a range of solutions adapted to the hydroelectric sector!


Gas relay test - portable solution


Efficiently test the safety device of your substation: offered in a carrying case, the system is light, compact and easy to transport.

Ideal for difficult and slippery access required for your tests on gas relays and Buchholz relays (0-10 Psi).



Notable features:
• Protect sensitive and expensive equipment
• Simplify and shorten the operation
• Compact system, easy to handle
• Increased air reserve capacity
• Regulator range 0 to 30 Psi: contact us

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Vent panel for the oil tank


Ensure a dry transition by purging the insulation oil from a transformer by injecting nitrogen or dry air in order to avoid any external contamination.

The oil change is thus accelerated and safer!



• Increased productivity
• Safe design
• Support available for cylinders
• High flow low pressure regulator



Swagelok Tubing and Tube Fittings

tubulure transformateur


Oil leaks in the gas pickup line are detrimental to the environment. When you find that tubing or fittings are damaged, they can be easily replaced with Swagelok tube fittings and stainless steel tubing solutions.

These components and solutions are available for dimensions up to 2 inches.


Benefits :

• Preserve soils from contamination
• Facilitate your maintenance procedures
• Reduce the number and frequency of leaks
• Contribute to the reliability of the substation
• Resist corrosion and thermal expansion



Fitting and accessories case for DE sampling



During sampling, you will have with you all the necessary connections to adapt to the size of the NPT thread encountered at the valve.

Benefits :
• Time saving
• Better planning - no surprises
• Contains 9 adapters (1/8” to 2”)
• Accessories provided for taking samples via beaker or syringe
• Suitable for hard-to-reach places


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Complete solutions for breakers

For breakers insulated with oil, compressed air or SF6, you will find the suitable component even for pressures of 3600 pounds (250 psi) commonly encountered in these applications. We can also deliver custom assemblies such as:

• Expansion panel
• Primary panels
• Pre-assembled cylinders 

Our cylinders are watertight and comply with Canadian standards and US Department of Transportation (DOT) standards. In addition, all our parts and assemblies are covered bySwagelok's limited lifetime warranty, excluding third-party parts.

Solutions for turbine makers

Solutions for power plant operators