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Food and Beverage

food processing
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Welcome to the food industry section


Safety and quality are of the utmost importance in the food processing industry. Some businesses need fluid systems that are resistant to high temperatures and corrosive products like chlorine and other cleaning products. At Groupe Swagelok Quebec, we understand the significant challenge facing companies working in this field. Our range of products adapted to this industry will meet the level of purity and hygiene required in food and beverage processing applications.


Our commitment to your industry



The cleaning products used in “Clean in place” type cleaning cycles can damage the inside of your hoses. Some of our products are made to withstand intensive use or extreme temperatures , to maintain a vacuum or to withstand high pressure, conditions that food producers face. Our complete stainless steel range will meet your needs. This steel is known to be less susceptible to corrosion. It is important to avoid any risk of contamination in order to have a quality product. Special cleanings applied to our components meet the needs of the food industry. Are you interested or do you have questions?

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Availability - emergency service

In the food industry, faced with intense competition constraints and often very short delivery times, maintenance needs can quickly become an issue. Located in Ville Saint-Laurent (Montreal), we can quickly supply your plant, because we keep a very large inventory in stock . Your production chain thus remains operational! The priority shipping services are available and a hotline is open 24/7 at 514-332-3651



Whether it is for space or organizational constraints, whether you work in food processing, beverage manufacturing, or animal slaughter, you may need help designing a suitable fluid system for your activities. We offer you our advice in design and optimization . You get a powerful system, and peace of mind.




Our customers use the Swagelok network to assemble the following solutions:

Washing stations

Flexible hoses for your sanitary applications

For your sanitary applications, the Coreflex series hoses will meet your needs: pressure, temperature, media, dimensions, type of connections and chemical compatibility. It is essential to find the components of the hose which will resist chemical reaction or corrosion.

With quality products, you save on replacement and maintenance costs. You are a winner in the long run!


Specialty regulators

régulateurs spécialisés

Sanitary Regulators (PRS Series) and Pressure Regulators (TBRS Series) are FDA / USP Class VI compliant and feature 316L stainless steel components and EPDM gaskets. Often used in cart wash stations, they can withstand pressures up to 232 psig.

These components are available with sanitary type connections.


Beer brewing

Measuring instruments

During the brewing process, the temperature must be constantly monitored so as not to affect the taste of the beer and thus maintain the desired uniformity. To do this, Swagelok offers reliable and easy-to-use thermometers, sensors and gauges that will tell you the exact temperature of your beer. It is possible to add a lighting option to aid reading in dark places.


Beer carbonation

The use of plastic tubes can accentuate the processes of Co2 permeation and affect the quality of your beer. Over time, the gas losses increase and make the beer less sparkling. It then becomes necessary to change the system to find an optimal product.

Our stainless steel tubes limit losses and resist corrosion, so you can avoid the replacement and maintenance costs associated with lower quality products.

We can assist you in costing and designing your project, and assemble it on our premises! Enjoy a free 30-minute consultation with our specialist Christine Simard.

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Other applications


We can assist you in the design and assembly of the system to connect to your nozzles for your dual fluid, pressurized, centrifugal, electrostatic and ultrasonic atomization needs. We can generate the pressure you need for it to work properly.


Ask us for advice on the design, operation and maintenance of your steam network in order to improve the energy efficiency and safety of your installation, increase productivity and limit emissions.

System adjacent to production

At your request, our experts will support you in the design of your fluid systems that will allow your plant to operate properly. Our quality products reduce the necessary maintenance which still too often delays production lines. Among these systems, you will find:

  • Lubrication system
  • High pressure soap and washing water dispensing system
  • Cold and hot water system
  • And more !






Our technical advisor is familiar with all the equipment at Groupe Swagelok Quebec; he knows how to advise us for any technical question on the range of products offered. This allows us to reliably secure our production.

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