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Swagelok Quebec Group

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

NEW - On-site services


On-site services: benefit from our expertise and material resources

Get support from our professionals in the field

Swagelok Group Quebec offers you a unique opportunity to improve the productivity, reliability and safety of your fluid systems, while reducing costs and minimizing environmental risks. When advanced technical skills are required for your industrial fluid systems, our field engineers bring technical expertise, application experience and in-depth industry knowledge.

Our engineers visit your site, assess your fluid or sampling systems, advise on good installation practices and suggest improvements to resolve urgent problems. Detailed technical reports identify any anomalies detected.

Contact us now to :

  • Identify which systems require in-depth evaluation, taking into account aspects such as downtime and application security
  • Benefit from a detailed on-site analysis
  • Receive a full customized report of solutions, including priorities and benefits
  • Implement recommendations with ongoing support from our field engineering team.

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Meet our engineers in the field and discover our global network

With over 75 years' experience in fluid systems, our engineering team draws on a global network of 200 service centers in 70 countries. This vast infrastructure enables us to collaborate effectively on the challenges common to our industries, in order to find the most appropriate solutions. We work in partnership with companies around the world to enhance safety, reduce operating costs and improve profitability.

Our experts 

Danny Voyer 

Why choose our services

Technical expertise and resources from our global network. Structured customer support in the face of challenges.
Report providing concrete solutions to problems identified.


Our assessment and consulting services

Optimize the reliability of your fluid systems with our comprehensive assessment and consulting services.

Flexible hose evaluations Fluid system evaluations Compressed gas leak detection
We perform a thorough inspection to ensure the integrity of your hoses. We identify opportunities for improvement and optimization. We ensure the safety and efficiency of your operations.
Pressure regulator selection Help with system simplification Training and troubleshooting
Customized service to meet your exact needs. This promotes more efficient management and simplified operations. This offers comprehensive support to maximize your teams' performance.


Video on the services offered by specialized field engineers



Find out how our team can help you achieve maximum efficiency in your operations.

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