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Swagelok Quebec Group

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Alternative Fuels

Performance and Reliability for the Next Frontier in Fuel Technology

Refueling a hydrogen vehicleThe need for sustainability is driving innovation across the transportation market. Alternative fuel technologies are helping buses, trucks, and other vehicles operate more cleanly and efficiently than ever before. With these advances comes persistent challenges, however. Building fluid systems for applications involving the storage, transfer, and use of pressurized, potentially volatile, small-molecule fluids requires the use of components with advanced performance capabilities. It also requires a strong understanding of materials science, fluid system design best practices, and global alternative fuel industry certifications, standards, and approval processes.

  • Swagelok actively supports companies developing alternative fuel technologies for the transportation industry by providing the fluid system expertise and deep understanding of application requirements they need to compete effectively in a performance-driven, safety-focused market
  • We provide a variety of certified fluid system components and custom assemblies with the tolerances and material compositions to provide leak-tight performance in hydrogen fuel cell, compressed natural gas (CNG), and liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicles and refueling infrastructure
  • We also consult with customers to help them design or improve upon on-vehicle fuel systems and fueling stations

If you are working toward building a cleaner environment through cleaner mobility solutions, work with the company that transportation companies worldwide trust when their fluid systems must not fail—Swagelok.