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Swagelok Quebec Group

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Relief Valves and check valves calibration

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New calibration and adjustment services

In addition to calibrating your relief valves locally, we now offer the calibration of your check-valves!

Take advantage of our special equipment in Ville St-Laurent, and our experience of over 60 years in fluid systems. Your benefits:

  • Reduced time between ordering and installation
  • Accurate calibration, in accordance with Swagelok standards and procedures
  • The Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty

No need for a third party, neither to train your staff, nor to risk downtime in your factory. We can perform the  adjustment for CA and CPA series in pressure ranges from 3 to 600 psi (0.21 to 41.4 bar).


Check valve vs proportional valve, what's the difference?

  • Check valves are used when there is a need to control directional flow and prevent backflow. Indeed, if the back pressure is greater than the upstream fluid pressure, the check-valve closes and prevents the flow in the opposite direction. In order to avoid backflow, check valves are frequently used in series with a lower amount of back pressure required to close.

A check valve is designed for directional flow control only and should never be used as a valve.

  • Relief valves provide overpressure protection and are offered with various set pressures. For applications that require the pressure to be released from a measuring line to the atmosphere, traps and purge valves allow this pressure to be released manually.

Understand the terminology

  • The set pressure is the pressure at which there is a first indication of flow. It does not need to be fully open.
  • The cracking pressure is the pressure at which there is no flow indication. Resealing may require back pressure to be successful.



Frequently asked questions

Which check-valve should I choose when a leak-tight performance is required for my application?

My check-valve or my relief valve produces audible noise or vibration. Why?


To learn more about our new calibration and adjustment service, chat now  with one of our technical advisers: