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Swagelok Quebec Group

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Swagelok Value Wheel

Six Core Values

Swagelok Quebec Group embaces and shares Swagelok core values. Those values have a direct influence on all of our decisions and have been, for 55 years, part of our company culture.


Offer value and high performance in our products and services.


Commit to ensure the success of everyone by providing a respectful, trustful and fair environment.


Help customer to find the best solutions for them, with transparency and character.

Customer Focus

Create value for our customers :

  • Reactivity — Combine our efforts to work quickly and effeciently.
  • Adaptibility — Listen to customers and markets.
  • Teamwork — Work seamlessly together to fulfill customers' needs.


Challenge conventional ideas to deliver value to our customers.

Continuous Improvement

Systematically improve the way we work.