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Swagelok Quebec Group

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

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Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

You are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM)? Our team can help you with your product selection and sourcing. Our in-depth knowledge of all the products we offer allows us to find the best solutions for your applications.

Our services include:

  • Prototyping
  • Application engineering
  • Configuration optimization
  • Technical drawings and assemblies
  • Technical assistance in product selection

Here is what makes us an indispensable supplier for your projects:


A strong supply and distribution chain

It's often difficult for companies to find trusted suppliers that provide reliable and efficient supply. With our robust inventory management program, we are known for offering the best lead times on our wide range of standard components. In addition, our team ensures that our commitments are met daily.

Local inventory - Located in Ville St-Laurent, we can supply your plant quickly because we keep a very large inventory in stock. This keeps your production line up and running! We also have priority shipping services and a 24/7 emergency line at 514-332-3651.

Collaborative Replenishment - We can consolidate your consumption forecasts with our supply strategies. The result: you reduce your costs and avoid unnecessary inventory while maintaining the continuity of your production chain. 

Customized packaging - Protecting the product is crucial to avoid damage and increase the risk of leaks. With this service, you:

  • Eliminate additional handling on your site: we pack components according to your specifications
  • Reduce packaging waste
  • Reduce your storage costs

Consignment - You have a cabinet with an inventory of products on hand. You will not be charged for components until you remove them from the cabinet. We will replenish your inventory promptly when necessary.

Global coverage

Do you market your products in several countries? With 200 service centers in 70 countries, your customers will always find a team to meet their needs, no matter where they are!


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Quality products

Our products are backed by proven design and manufacturing excellence using the highest quality raw materials. Manufactured in North America and Europe, Swagelok products will save you the replacement and maintenance costs associated with lower quality products.



Custom solutions

Take advantage of our expertise as an integrated supplier and let us build and test your fluid system assemblies. Your assembly is built by certified technicians with extensive experience and backed by the Swagelok limited lifetime warranty. It's convenient to have subassemblies of a few components or typical ready-to-install assemblies on hand. Save valuable time by letting us handle your simple or repetitive assemblies.




If needed, we can train your associates, installers, or maintenance technicians in the use of our products according to their job requirements. A well-trained associate can save you money, but also increase the safety and productivity of your production unit.


Find out more about our products and services adapted to your industry. We will be able to advise you and adapt to your different specifications.