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Swagelok Quebec Group

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Products and material selection

Products and material selection


Due to the many materials, products and technologies available from Swagelok, it can be difficult to quickly identify which one is best for your needs. The professionals at Swagelok Quebec Group are here to help you.


Tube fittings selection

Excellent gas sealing and proper installation help ensure the efficient and safe operation of your chemical plant systems. Patented and introduced in 1947, Swagelok tube fittings minimize process fluid leakage and operating costs .

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Quick installation and maintenance

Our associates use specialized tools to cut hoses and flexible tubing to precise lengths, then attach chosen end connections, pressure test, document results, and deliver those assemblies to you .



Regulators selection

Regulators reduce the pressure of a gas or liquid from a source, such as a cylinder or compressor, to a lower value required by a device, such as an analyzer. If you have difficulty selecting your regulator, we offer a free 30-minute consultation with our regulator specialist Jean-Michel Molle.

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Isolation valves

Isolation valves are essential and must make a leaktight connection not only at the end connections, but also at the various gaskets in the valve. The choice of the different materials used within the valve is crucial and plays a key role in maintaining leak-free performance, even under heavy loads. Swagelok offers reliable, leak-free solutions for the selection of these components.


Science des matériaux

Special coatings - Sulfinert

Since sulfur compounds react quickly with stainless steel surfaces, an accurate determination of these compounds is not possible when samples are collected and stored in untreated sample cylinders. Restek's Sulfinert® surface treatment creates a layer of inert silica on the surface of stainless steel, preventing active compounds from reacting with stainless steel. This results in greater stability against sulfur compounds and mercury . Many products are available with this coating directly from Swagelok.


custom solutions

Support for engineering firms and laboratories

We provide expert support in terms of technical information, product selection and fluid system design. This includes :

• Application engineering 

• Technical drawings

• Product substitutions

• Prototyping services

• Product technical support 



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