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Swagelok Quebec Group

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Grab Sample Systems

System media sampling is important to ensure timely, compatible and representative measurement of process fluids. In order to complete this, four features should be considered in the design.

  1. Timely: There should be minimum lag time between sample extraction and sample collection.
  2. Reliable: Using quality components can decrease downtime by allowing quick and easy maintenance.
  3. Cost Effective: Design helps to decrease cost by reducing entrapment and leak points.
  4. Safe: When working with hazardous media, leakage poses the greatest risk.

The flexibility and configurability of the Swagelok® Grab Sample Systems allow for efficient sample capture without altering the integrity of your existing process. Plus, local support ensures fast, dependable expert service.

Grab Sample Module (GSM)GSM

Swagelok’s Grab Sample Module (GSM) is closed-loop, cylinder sampling system for use with gas, liquid and two-phase processes.  A key feature of the standard Swagelok GSM systems is a tandem 40G series switching valve that simplifies operation while isolating and capturing the sample.

Multiple options are available and the panels are easily customized to meet your needs.

See our product selection matrix

Liquid-Only Sample System (GSL)GSL

Swagelok’s liquid-only sample system (GSL) is a closed-loop sampling system for use with low vapor-pressure liquids.  These systems typically use bottles with septum caps to collect and safely contain samples for lab analysis. 

There are multiple standard Swagelok GSL systems and they all utilize Sentry Equipment’s Model MVS to draw a sample into the bottle.  The MVS is equipped with an easily replaceable dual needle system and a spring-return handle to prevent unintentional dispensing.  Multiple options are available and panels are easily customized to meet your needs.

See our product selection matrix

Grab Sample Cylinders (GSC)

Swagelok’s Grab Sample Cylinder (GSC) assemblies are sold separately from GSM sampling systems and feature the highest quality components for safe capture and transportation of samples.  GSC assemblies come standard with Swagelok D series needle valves.  Multiple options are available and GSC assemblies are easily customized to meet your needs.


Customize the components of these standard models, built to suit your grab sample needs.

Customized Grab Sample Systems

Swagelok Quebec Group is local and therefore can provide rapid response to your custom grab sampling needs.  Our trained and certified engineers have extensive experience to assist you with your specific design needs while maintaining a timely, compatible and representative sample.  To meet your specific plant standards or application needs, customization can range from a slight modification of one of our 15 standard designs to a completely custom grab sample system.  Examples of customization include (but are not limited to):

  • Changes to layout/schematic
  • Larger line sizes
  • Surface mounted components
  • Heaters and coolers
  • Accessories such as flow indicators, block valves, transducers, filters, enclosures, stands, etc
  • Automation such as pneumatically or electrically actuated valves
  • Exotic alloys – Alloy 400, Alloy C-276 or Alloy 600
  • SilcoNertTM 2000 and other coatings

Grab Sample Support

Local Solutions, Global Support. Swagelok local engineers have completed a rigorous certification program and are able to Assess, Recommend and Configure a grab sample solution to meet your requirements through the life cycle of your system. Our expert engineers and technicians are trained to Assemble the panel to your specifications and ensure it passes strict Swagelok regulations. Swagelok also offers the capability to Train your team how to safely and effectively your new grab sample panel as well as other grab sampling systems.

Watch now this short 4 minute video to see how Swagelok can make Configurable, Local and Reliable Grab Sample Systems.