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Swagelok Quebec Group

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Practical Training

Well trained associate are highly valuable assets! Not only they can save your company money but they also increase safety and productivity of your workplace. Swagelok has a full range of training courses available to upskill your workforce. You, your associates and technicians can acquire a wide range of knowledge and methods to minimize installation or maintenance errors.

Our training are flexible, and courses can be offered at your location depending on your needs. From understanding regulators and corrosion to full day installation and bending courses, let our experts help you!

Practical training

Tube fitting Installation and tube bending - The essentials - 8h

This hands-on course is designed for engineers, installers and operators to ensure proficiency in the installation and function of the pipe fitting and tube selection, preparation and bending best practices. Topics covered: types of tubing and fittings, selection and installation, leaks, vibration resistance, the advantages of tube bending compared to regular pipe systems, tube bending practices and standards ...Training Description

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Advanced training

Orbital welding - 5 days

With plenty of hands-on instruction, participants learn orbital welding principles as well as how to set up, run and troubleshoot an orbital welding system. Take part in this exceptional training, ideal for welders, welding supervisors and quality assurance and control personnel. Discover Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) and Orbital ...Training Description

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Selection of valves - Duration: 4h -

This course is designed for engineers and designers of fluid systems to ensure competence in valve selection. Topics covered: selection criteria, impact of pressure, temperature and nature of fluid on valves, types of valves, flow and CV, options available; applications ...Training Description

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Regulators Selection - Duration: 4h

This course is designed for engineers and designers of fluid systems to ensure competence in the selection of regulators. Topics: Types of regulators, regulators and regulators, dome, spring or pneumatic regulators, regulators, weirs, selection criteria, reading and understanding flow curves ... Training Description  

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And we offer many other training topics for fluid systems. Groupe Swagelok Québec is certified as a training organization with Emploi Québec. Our training modules can be given individually or combined to meet your needs.


Tubes and fittings- 1.5h

Threads Identification- 1.5h

Small bore systems: (small bore): solutions et optimization- 1.5h

Hose: Selection and maintenance- 1.5h

Fluids control: from the process tap to the transmitter- 2h

PASS training- 5 jours

Advanced tube bending training- 3 jours

For any further information, simply email us or call us at 514-332-3651.